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A festival of festivals

Festival Lent is much more than just a set of events offered in the beginning of summer. It brings together 4 concurrent festivals, each giving its visitors unique and unforgettable experiences. It is no real wonder that Festival Lent is the county's largest festival! Everything from folk art to jazz music, street theatre to creativity, and so much more, is combined within this festival of festivals.   

  • FOLKART, THE INTERNATIONAL FOLKLORE FESTIVAL, one of the most prominent and renowned folklore festivals in Europe and worldwide;
  • JAZZLENT AND JAZZ PODIUM, priding with popular foreign and Slovenian jazz and jazz-related style musicians;
  • STREET THEATRE ANA DESETNICA, a playful street theatre festival, reviving the city streets and squares;
  • ART CAMP, providingthe most popular daily events of the festival for younger generations and families in the city park, boosting with creativity, culture, recreation, mingling and simply feeling “yay-okay”!   

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